There’s Something About a Slammed Competition Orange S550

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“So I knew absolutely nothing about cars up until I turned sixteen years old.” – Trevor Whittington

Trevor’s father and grandfather loaned him some money to buy his first car with. Loan in hand, Whittington chose to buy a 2005 Mustang GT purely based on looks. “I had heard the term Mustang before, but still knew nothing about what I had just bought other than the fact it looked awesome,” says Whittington.

From there, he took it to car shows, meets and hangouts and learned quite a lot in such a small amount of time. Trevor learned how engines worked, how to change oil, spark plugs, brakes, etc. In some ways, that 2005 Mustang made him who he is today.

Upon graduating High School, Trevor traded in his 2005 Mustang GT and bought a barely year old Grabber Blue 2011 Mustang GT for a great deal at the time; he owned it for about three years and sold it just last year to a guy living in the United Kingdom. On to the S550…

Shortly after, Whittington ordered his 2016 Competition Orange Mustang GT from Jerry’s Ford in Leesburg, VA. “I knew I had to do some more serious mods to this car. Even before the car was built at Flat Rock, I ordered an Airlift Performance 3H kit and many other mods. Every one except for the powder coat job, I’ve done myself in my garage with a single floor jack, jack stands, hand tools and an Impact. It’s been awesome modifying this car and seeing what I can accomplish to make it better. I even made my own custom set of grilles in my basement based on what others have done and some help from a friend. I never would have thought I could be capable of doing the things I have done to this car,” explains Whittington.

Mod list:

Exterior: Custom mesh upper and lower grilles, Anchor Room corner headlight, 3rd brake and rear Parking light tint, gloss black 5.0 emblems, Redline Tuning quick-lift hood struts, roof wrap (gloss black), vent wrap (gloss black), 5% window tint, MMD roof spoiler, Diode Dynamics reverse light, switchbacks, map light, trunk light, and glovebox LEDs, Raxiom smoked rear side marker LEDs, FRPP rear decklid, RTR lower diffuser, RTR side splitters, Roush rear spoiler (gloss black), APR carbon fiber front splitter, Forgestar F14 matte black 20×9.5 / 20×11, Front: Nitto NT555 (275/35/20), Rear: Nitto NT05 (315/35/20).

Interior: GT350 steering wheel, GT350-style start button, GT350 shift knob, Steeda hood pull latch, HornBlasters shocker XL train horn.

Engine: Bob’s “ultimate” oil separator, Steeda CAI, Lund Racing nGauge with FlexFuel tune, Mishimoto coolant expansion tank.

Suspension and Drivetrain: Airlift Performance 3H kit – dual 444C stealth black compressors, 4-gallon seamless tank (powdercoated Comp. Orange), SMC water trap, Airlift compressor isolators, Steeda ultimate IRS ‘stop the hop’ package, IRS subframe bushing support system IRS subframe alignment kit, billet aluminum vertical links, IRS subframe support braces (powdercoated Comp. Orange), adjustable rear toe links, Steeda extreme g-trac k-member brace (powdercoated Comp. Orange), Steeda strut tower brace, MGW RaceSpec shifter.

Brakes, Exhaust, Other: MGP rear blank caliper covers (powdercoated Comp. Orange), powdercoated Comp. Orange Front 6P Brembos, Bear front Eradispeed-Plus drilled/slotted 15″ rotors, Bear rear Eradispeed-Plus drilled/slotted 13″ rotors, Corsa extreme cat-back (polished tips).

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  • Judah Herrera August 5, 2017, 8:02 am

    I got the same size tires (275/35/20 & 315/35/20) as this mustang on my 2017 and they don’t tuck as well as these do when slammed to the ground. Did you do anything to make them tuck better, change camber, roll fenders?