Zac Pounds’ Static Ruby Red EcoBoost

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“I’ve been around cars all my life, growing up. My dad had a black F100 that he modified with custom interior that I loved to ride in.” – Zachary Pounds

Zac’s dad also had a ’67 Fastback that he had custom painted Cherry Red with white stripes – like most classic Mustangs. Although in first-grade at the time, he vividly remembers the night his father brought the ’67 home after getting the motor rebuilt; they just let it run in the garage, revved it a few times, and a Mustang enthusiast was born.

“That Mustang is why I got one in the first place. I knew as soon as I got my first one that I was going to mod it,” says Pounds.

Less than a week after purchasing, Zac’s 2015 Ruby Red EcoBoost had a full custom audio system and exhaust promptly installed.

“Wanting photos of the car got me into photography and drove me to attend shows; Caffeine and Octane is the one I frequented most often, even to this day. Although my first Mustang (an S197) recently got totaled due to someone failing to yield on a left-hand turn, I was able to get my EcoBoost. Two weeks later I bought its first round of mods,” says Zac.




Mod List:

Exterior: MRT hood struts, Lethal Performance grille delete, Rovos Wheels – Durban 20×10 & 3mm front spacer.

Interior: Rockford Fosgate – Ported P3 Subwoofer with Punch Monoblock 750 Watt amp.

Exhaust: Custom resonator delete, Vibrant exhaust.

Suspension: BC Racing – BR Type coilovers.

Zac’s just getting started. Future modifications include:

  • Twin-scroll turbo upgrade (brand to be determined)
  • Turbosmart Blow-Off Valve
  • Magnaflow – Street Catback
  • Cervinis – C-Series Chin Spoiler
  • Steeda – IRS Alignment Bolt Sleeves
  • BMR – Adjustable Control Arms
  • Different wheels (Rotiform, Avant Garde, or Rovos Forged)
  • Custom trunk – leather trunk interior and custom subwoofer enclosure

If he can obtain an alternate daily driver, then Zac plans to camber the car out a bit (around -4 or -5 degrees all around) and keep it static. Stay tuned for future updates!

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  • Jim December 28, 2016, 4:04 am

    Your car is a standout because of it’s smooth look capitalizing on Ford’s beautiful body and the fantastic stance you gave it. In my opinion you made the perfect wheel choice. The images are just first rate! Thanks for sharing it, Zac!